No Download Online Casinos - Play Fast, Win Fast!

You're at home and you've got five minutes to kill. You'd love a quick spin on a slot machine, but by the time you've opened the game, it’s time to go. What's the solution? No-download online casinos!

Yes, online no download casinos are your answer to a little time, and a lot of fun. Thanks to the instant play nature of the no download Internet casino, you'll be able to log on and log into your favourite online gambling games in just seconds. That maximizes your playing and winning time to its fullest potential.

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Why no download online casinos?

While it's generally accepted that the downloadable version of a casino online is usually your best bet, no download casinos online sprang from a need to access the casino in the event of a download not being possible, or there not being enough time to log into the software. Yes, logging into casino software takes only a few minutes, but sometimes a few minutes may be all you have, and wasting time isn't an option.

Perhaps you only have a short time before you need to leave for an appointment. Perhaps you're logged in at an internet café, or a friend's house. Or perhaps your computer simply doesn't have enough space left on its hard drive for the casino software. In each of these scenarios, a Canadian no download casino online is the answer.

No download (or Flash) casinos are a quick and easy way to get into the Internet gambling software, and start enjoying the genuine casino experience right away, often in less than 30 seconds. And in some cases, the no download casino is a player's only option, particularly if logging in from Linux system. There are a number of variables and circumstances in which downloading, or opening downloaded software just isn't a viable solution. That is how the need for no download online casinos came about, and why today it is every bit as popular as the regular version of an online casino.

Playing at no-download online casinos in Canada

Of course while there are many advantages to playing at a no-download online casino, such as speed and accessibility, there are a few drawbacks as well. Currently no-download online casinos aren't able to support the full suite of games as seen in their downloadable counterparts, which is why you may find a few of your favourite games missing, particularly in the slots section. What's more, you may also discover that depending on your computer speed and specifications, or the quality of the no download casino itself, that the sound and graphics in the casino suffer from distortion or pixellation.

It's up to you to decide whether the pros of playing at a Flash casino are enough to make you forget about the cons, but one thing's for sure: thousands of online Canadian casino players are saying yes to no download gambling sites every day! They're fast, they're easy to use, and they deliver instant excitement wherever you are. If that sounds like something you're interested in, then there's only one thing to do: choose no download online casinos from our list of recommended picks and get to those instant winnings right away!