Choose Live Dealer Online Casinos For Real Time Winnings

You're at a Canadian casino, a live dealer opposite you, players on either side of you, a Blackjack hand in front of you. You can see the sights, hear the sounds, and feel the anticipation. Suddenly you see that you've won and the pot is yours! You jump up to celebrate, and realize that you're in your own living room. A genuine casino experience right in your own home? How is this possible? Through the innovation of live dealer casinos, that's how!

Yes, Internet casino technology has now moved forward at a lightning pace, bringing you a completely authentic casino experience with a real life croupier. It's all the excitement of an actual land-based casino, combined with all the convenience of being accessible online - and it's all yours to enjoy 24/7! Start now and take a look at our suggested real cash Canadian live dealer online casino choices and experience the wonder of new casino technology for yourself.

How live dealer online casinos work

You may be skeptical of the concept of Canadian live dealer online casinos, but the gaming experience they offer is a completely legitimate one. Essentially, a croupier is dealing a game of Live Dealer Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat from within a studio. That game is then streamed via live video feed, and accessible from your computer anytime you choose to log on.

You'll be able to watch the croupier as they deal the game, connect with them via live chat feed, and listen to them as they interact with you throughout your game play. What's more, you'll also have opponents to play against too. While you won't be able to see them, you will be able to live chat with them, adding to the authenticity of the experience. You'll also be able to view all bets placed, all amounts won, and in some Internet gambling sites even play up to five tables simultaneously, giving you a casino online experience like no other!

For those Canadian online casino players that doubt the validity of the Random Number Generator algorithm that governs traditional Internet casino play, live dealer gambling sites are living proof of the fair and random nature of online gaming. And as long as you have a line speed of above 1Mbps, and a dependable video feed, you'll be able to enjoy this enhanced casino experience in the comfort of your own home, anytime, day or night!

Live dealer online casino games

As the innovation of online live dealer casinos is a relatively new one, most Canadian live dealer gambling sites have only three games for you to choose from - but what exciting games they are!

Live Dealer Online Roulette: Whether you choose to play American or European style, you'll be able to spin the wheel and watch the ball whirl its way to huge Roulette winnings!

Live Dealer Online Blackjack: It's the game that most live dealer enthusiasts sit down to first, and it's the one guaranteed to deliver action-packed winnings with every hand.

Live Dealer Baccarat: Place your bets and let the dealer do the rest - your only job is to sit back and enjoy the VIP winnings!

As you can see, there may be only a small selection of games to choose from, but the winning potential is huge!

Canadian players love going to casinos, but sometimes logistics and time make actual casino trips impossible. That's where live dealer casinos come in - bringing you all the authenticity of an actual casino, but with the added convenience of being completely accessible from within your own home. Real play in real time with real winnings!

Make your play for this innovative real money experience today - logon to one of our recommended Canadian live dealer online casinos and let your croupier deal you into the casino event of the year!