Live Dealer Blackjack - Fast-Paced Canadian Online Casino Action!

There's one table that's sure to be buzzing with activity at any live dealer online casino, and that's the Blackjack table! This king of casino games was added to the live dealer suite of casino games in 2013, and since then it's been one of the main attractions on the casino floor.

More and more Canadians are connecting with the live dealer online casino trend, particularly real money live dealer Blackjack, which is why you'll find it so as popular at Internet gambling sites. Blackjack has always been a much-loved game, both in real-life and in online play, and now that live dealer online casinos have added another dimension to virtual gaming, it's just as well-liked as ever. More and more Canadian online casino players are flocking to the online Blackjack tables to deal themselves into real time winning - shouldn't you be too? Start now with our list of recommended live dealer online casinos and get that authentic Blackjack feeling every time you log on!

Understanding live dealer online casino Blackjack

Think about it - it's a Saturday night, and you're in the mood for some fast-paced casino action. The nearest Canadian land-based casino is miles away though, and it's just not practical to get there. And while you love playing online Blackjack, tonight you'd actually prefer to play against people, in a real casino environment, rather than simply playing against the house. So what do you do?

It's for scenarios like this that real money live dealer Blackjack was created, giving players another gaming choice and putting an extra step between the real life and the virtual. Because live dealer online casinos are a combination of both, a live, responsive, communicative dealer in front of you that you can interact with, but with the convenience of being completely accessible from the comfort of your own home. Now you don't have to drive all the way to a Canada casino for the complete experience, just switch on your computer, log on, and you'll be right in the centre of the action opposite a dealer, between opponents, and being dealt hand after Blackjack hand as you would be in any casino round the world. It's as genuine a casino experience as you can get online, and it's become hugely popular as a result.

How to play online casino Blackjack

Aside from the innovation of a dealer and virtual opponents, real cash live dealer online casino Blackjack is the same game you know and love from your regular online casino. Your live croupier will deal you two cards at the beginning of the hand, and you can choose to either hit (receive more cards) or stand (receive no more cards). Get a card value of 21, or as close as possible without going over, and provided your hand beats the dealer's, you'll be a winner! It's just as simple as regular online casino Blackjack, and just as thrilling!

Depending on the Canada Internet casino you are playing at, you may also be able to play strategies such as doubling down or splitting. Some casinos have restrictions on doubling, or splitting, re-splitting and hitting split Aces, so it's best to check each casino's individual gaming policy before going ahead with a more complicated betting strategy. But whether you keep your game play simple, or go for a more complex way of winning, online live dealer casino Blackjack for real money has all the thrills you're looking for and more!

Who would have thought that a live video feed, a croupier and a deck of cards could deliver so much excitement? It sounds simple enough, but it's become one of the hottest gaming crazes there is, and it's time you experienced it for yourself! Don't be left out in the cold - join the thousands of Canadian online casino players crowding around the live dealer Blackjack tables, and find out what authentic online gaming feels like. We have plenty of top live dealer online casinos for you to choose from - all you have to do is sit down at one and play!