Online Casino Blackjack - Everyone's Favourite Casino Game

There's a reason why Canadian online casino players love Blackjack: no matter what your skill level, it's guaranteed to give you a great experience. That's why Blackjack online casinos continue to be one of the most popular stops for gamblers in Canada.

In fact, there's a Blackjack table open and waiting for you right now, at any of our recommended real money online Blackjack casinos. Take your pick of the great Internet gambling sites on offer, then sit down to one of the most action-packed games there is and deal yourself into winning excitement!

Why Canadians love online casino Blackjack

No-one knows exactly when the game of Blackjack originated, but we do know that it was first known as 21, before migrating from Europe to the USA, where it became the Blackjack we know today. In its early days, Blackjack (a card value of an Ace and a 10) paid out 10:1, and the name has stuck ever since.

Today Blackjack is one of the most popular online gambling games in the world. The easy and engaging nature making it accessible to even the most unskilled of card players, and its reputation as one of the best returning games makes it a draw for experienced players the world over.

It's this unique combination that makes real money Blackjack online casinos so popular with Canada-based players. On the one hand, the rules are simple - get a card value as close to 21 without going over, and provided your hand is higher than the dealer's, you'll win. That's the only rule a beginner needs to know before sitting down at a table to play.

Yet Blackjack is the only casino game in the world where a player has the chance to control the destiny of their hand. If you're a skilled Blackjack player, you could have an edge of up to 0.5% over the house. It’s slim, but potentially hugely rewarding in the hands of a player that knows what they're doing. That makes Blackjack casinos online simple enough to get you to sit down at the tables for the first time, but challenging enough to keep you there.

Playing online casino Blackjack for real cash

We’ve already given away the key to winning at real money Blackjack: having a card value of 21, or as close as possible to it without going over. How the game is played is just as simple. At the beginning of each hand, you'll be dealt two cards face up. You can either choose to hit (receive more cards) until you're satisfied with your hand, or stay (stop receiving cards).

The online Blackjack casino dealer then takes their turn, and the hands go up against each other. If the dealer's hand beats yours, you lose your bet. If the hands are equal, they are 'pushed' - i.e. no-one wins, and you get your bet back. But if your hand beats the dealer's you'll be paid out 3:2, and you'll walk away a winner!

Canadian Internet casino players love online Blackjack for real money because it's as simple or as complex as you make it. But no matter what goes on during the game, there's always one guaranteed outcome, and that's an electrifying casino experience with every hand. Want to put your skills to the test? Then take a seat at any of our recommended Blackjack online casinos, or even enjoy the buzz of live dealer blackjack games. There are thrills to be had, and big money to be won - see if you can come away with both!